Productivity Day in LH Plus Sdn Bhd

Launched by YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of MITI together with Dato’ Mohd Razali Hussain, Puan Sharimaton Mat Salleh Deputy CEO of Matrade and Datuk Lim Kok Boon President of MPMA.

The National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD) is a proactive measure undertaken by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to transform the Malaysian manufacturing industry and its related services to be smarter, more systematic and resilient.







Celebrating People

Like many organisations out there, employees are always their biggest asset. The same can be said about LH Plus and its people. An employee’s growth, whether personal or professional is imperative and it advertently affects the company’s growth. So training is a must to keep every LH Plus employee up to par, if not, better than they were when they joined.

One of LH Plus’ core values – Pursue Growth and Learning will always be the foundation for continuous improvement. In the words of our CEO, Callum Chen, “There’s no such thing as being perfect because the goal post is constantly shifting.”

Hence, when it comes to moving people to the next level in their career, LH Plus takes pride in giving employees room to grow and presenting them with opportunities that benefit them in the long run. We believe that when our people grow, the business grows together.


Cleaner Toilets a Company Policy

It may be easy to clean your own toilet, but the same cannot be said to a public toilet, especially one that is normally used by hundreds of people a day. This is even more so for a factory who also has foreign workers using the toilets. This is why in LH Plus, we strive to keep our toilets in great condition as we understand that this will create a sense of comfort among our workers, and it promotes good hygiene for better health and cleanliness. As such, we strive to maintain the cleanliness in our toilets at all times.

“Like all factories previously, our factory toilet stank and I was not proud of it,” said Callum Chen, CEO of LH Plus. “So during one gathering session with the workers in the morning, where I spoke in Malay and I had two others translating for me for effective communication, I apologised for the stinky toilets as I believe providing a clean, safe and conducive environment is my responsibility.”

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