Doing The Right Thing: Crisis & Risk Management

Many a time, when a business faces unfortunate events, doing the right thing is perhaps the only way to resolve the issue. And not only that, minimizing as much risk as possible soon after is imperative. So strategies to manage future threats, whether it’s regarding an accident, legal liability, credit risk or project failures can be developed. This will prepare everyone to face various challenges in the hope that it will not flare up to be an unforeseen event. Like in the words of our CEO, Callum Chen, “Always question what can go wrong.”

There is no way to know what is exactly the right thing to do. “Situations and circumstances can change. Whatever decision we make at the very moment may be right, but the goal is to keep moving as situation changes,” Callum adds.

So that’s why at LH Plus, doing the right thing is not just about making the right decision for the business to prosper with long-term customer relationships, but also a way to manage risk and crisis in our day-to-day operations.

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